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Baby Proofing Checklist: 13 Things You Must Do to Keep Your Home Safe

by Dale Harris

When you are getting your home ready for a new baby, it’s exciting and fun to pick out the colors for the nursery and choose an assortment of cuddly toys. No matter your style, the most important factor in decorating your little one’s room–and in fact the whole house–is safety.

Many mothers advise putting together an exhaustive baby proofing checklist ahead of the arrival day so that you and your house are as ready as you can be for the new bundle of joy.

Here is a baby proofing checklist which will get you started from infancy through those hair-raising toddler years, when they seem to get into everything!

1. Baby Monitor

Many reliable childproofing checklists start off with the baby monitor.

Starting with their very first day home from the hospital, you will want to keep a constant eye (and ear) on their breathing. Whether they’re sleeping in their own room or you need to run to the bathroom or the laundry room for one minute, keeping a monitor on and handy at all times will let you know immediately if they are suffering any distress.

It is also delightful to be in the next room and hear your child begin to coo and giggle. As your baby learns to self-soothe and find entertainment without your constant presence, you may even be able to grab a few seconds for yourself during this busy and exhausting time in your life!
2. Stair Guards

You will not have to worry about stairs for the first few months, but baby will be toddling around sooner than you think. Once the child becomes active, a staircase presents one of the greatest risks in the household.

Babies take a while to develop depth perception and they also have no idea how to navigate the steps to the living room or the basement. Staircase barricades or gates will prevent your little one from going down head first.

They can also keep them out of areas where there are lots of dangerous or delicate objects, like the kitchen or the living room.

Like all baby products, check out Consumer Reports or other informational websites to make sure the stair gate you purchase has been thoroughly tested. You want to know that it is reliable and sturdy.
3. Security System

A good security system is imperative for a home with a new baby, and for any family at all who wants to be sure they are safe from intruders.

Many security systems now may be remotely activated through an app, so you can check in while you are away. If you are nervous about the new babysitter, these security systems will allow you to take a peek to make sure everything is going well at home.

The best security systems do more than alert you to anyone trying to break into your home. They may issue a sound if someone opens the front or back door. As parents of toddlers know, sometimes little Billy decides to take a walk outside in the middle of the night without telling anyone!

A security system will let you know everyone’s comings and goings. It may give you views of all areas of the house and grounds. Its mere presence will deter any home intruders, so you can rest easy knowing that you and your children are safe.

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